Business owners face a myriad of issues in growing their business or practice over the life-cycle of a business.  There are four distinct phases which include the start up, growth, maturity, and transfer stages.

We can assist business owners in each stage of business.  Below are examples for each stage where we can provide guidance:


  • Buy Sell Agreements
  • Key Person Plans


  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Golden Handcuff Plans
  • Update Of Buy Sell Agreement
  • Basic Estate Planning


  • Estate / Succession Planning
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
  • Personal Tax Planning Strategies
  • Long Term Care


  • Business Succession Planning
  • Ownership Transfer i.e. Stock Redemption Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Our role in working with clients is to ask thought provoking questions to stimulate their thinking and more fully develop long term planning.  Below is a brief list of these questions:

  1. Have you developed a business plan and is it up to date?
  2. Does the business plan reflect the vision of all owners?
  3. Is there a plan in place to address corporate debt in the event of a death of one or more key employees or owners?
  4. Do you employ any key team members who would be difficult to replace if they quit today?
  5. Would your business be affected if a key employee died unexpectedly?
  6. Have you considered creating programs to encourage the retention of key employees?
  7. Do key employees find salary increases less meaningful and effective due to the impact of taxes?
  8. Would a non-qualified plan to address retirement benefits primarily for key employees be of interest?
  9. When do you plan to retire?  What percent of your current total income will you need when you retire?  Could you retire today?
  10. When you retire, how much money do you plan to get out of the business or practice?  Is there a plan and process in place for this?

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