Estate Planning can be complex.  Our role is to help you navigate and understand this highly complex area.  We talk with our clients to first understand their wishes for the ultimate disposition of their estate and business (if applicable).   We have a long standing relationship with many of the area’s top estate planning attorneys.  Our involvement can save clients’ money in potential legal fees as we can provide much of the basic education needed on estate strategies. 

We can model the relative benefit of various estate and trust options to help clarify which options may or may not be of interest.  With a solid foundation laid, together we can then meet with an attorney to begin the process of drafting a succession plan that best suits the client’s family and business needs.  We will discuss the need for Wills, Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives or Living Wills, and Trusts.

Trust planning can play a pivotal role is assuring that one’s desires are carried out as outlined by the terms of the trust.  Trusts are one tool that can help a parent address future needs for children with special needs, or provide a resource to help mitigate the negative impact of estate taxes.  They can be a source of funds for charities before or at one’s death.

For more information on how we can assist you in this area, please contact us at 225-766-4885 or email us at   We do not prepare documents, give legal or tax advice.