Planning for retirement comes in two forms.  The first is Retirement Accumulation Planning and is about “the number” or how much is needed at retirement to assure that one doesn’t run out of money during retirement.  As part of our standard fee, we work with our clients to help them develop an understanding and plan of what actions are needed to put them on a secure path towards financial independence.  All of a client’s goals, investment assets and future cash flows are considered to create a model tailored to the client’s unique situation.  The outcome is a firm understanding of saving rates, risk, and the degree to which their individual goals are achievable.

The second form of Retirement Planning is Retirement Distribution Planning and is about withdrawal rates and developing a plan to manage the distribution of assets during retirement.  Risk and taxes are primary considerations.  Together we try and achieve a balance between current and future cash flow needs with an eye towards estate planning during life and at death.

We have significant planning resources at our disposal to assure our clients that the pertinent risks are addressed with appropriate recommendations provided.  For more information on how we can assist you in this area, please contact us at 225-766-4885 or email us at