Choosing a wealth management advisor is a very personal decision.  It requires a high degree of trust and reliance on each aspect of the advisory relationship.  The lives of our clients can be very complex and it takes patience and a breadth of wealth management skill sets to understand and guide our clients through the decisions they will face at each stage of their life.

We bring to each relationship a team to support the client’s holistic needs.  This team is not just our internal professionals, but also local CPA and estate planning attorneys who can provide the accounting and legal advice needed.  In addition we have partnered with several external firms for research, trading, custodial, and trust services to provide each client with exceptional service and a high level of advice customized to meet the needs of each client.  Counseling is unique to each client, unified, and fully integrated. Our clients get concise recommendations, eliminating the confusion a client faces when having to choose between the advice of one expert over another.

Investment management based on a financial plan is the main focus at PWA. For clients who are pre-retirees, this involves setting appropriate goals for saving in addition to investing.  Your monthly savings for the last five to 15 years you are working can dramatically affect the standard of living that you will enjoy in retirement.  Our planning role for many clients may include everything from reviewing and making recommendations about investments to insurance coverage.  At times it can even involve discussions on how to reduce spending to free up money for more important retirement needs and client legacy goals.

 We focus on two key issues: The first is to consistently achieve above-average returns without exposing a client to unacceptable levels of risk.  The second is to make sure that each client has adequate funds to secure their financial independence which is at the heart of most clients concerns.